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Why Email Marketing Is Important

Why is email marketing important? The most important thing about email marketing is that you have the consent of the recipient that he or she wants to receive information about a certain product or service. So let's get serious. You want to start sending a newsletter, because most companies send newsletters or you see

Why Email Marketing Is Important2019-01-02T16:14:04-04:00

Writing Google Friendly

How to make your content more SEO friendly Copywriting is often done by yourself, while it still requires special expertise. Writing a promotional web text is often underestimated. Promotional copy is important for online advertising and a success factor for your website. Bad copy certainly does not contribute to achieving your goals.The following questions

Writing Google Friendly2018-12-19T13:18:34-04:00

Outsourcing Social Media

Why outsourcing social media is a great idea More and more companies are discovering the power of social media for their brand. Not only is it indispensable in the communication with (potential) customers, but it is also becoming increasingly important for the findability of your business. Unfortunately, most companies lack the

Outsourcing Social Media2019-03-21T16:15:06-04:00

Corporate Identity

The importance of a good corporate identity for a company Every company has an image or a corporate identity. Your corporate identity affects the image of the organization and also the way your target audience perceives your brand. The identity of your company is expressed through design, communication and behavior. The

Corporate Identity2018-12-19T12:44:36-04:00
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