Your Corporate Identity

Every company has an image or a corporate identity. Your corporate identity affects the image of the organization and also the way your target audience perceives your brand.

The importance of a good corporate identity  

The identity of your company is expressed through design, communication and behavior. The visual expressions of the company must give a good impression of the company philosophy. These must connect seamlessly. The importance of a good corporate identity for a company is therefore huge.

A corporate identity consists of the following elements:

  • Logo, consisting of a word mark with possibly an image
  • Colors
  • Typography (font and layout)
  • Shape elements (grid, surfaces, shapes and other graphic elements)
  • Image style (photography or illustration style)
  • Tone / Language

Visual communication tools 

These components together form the corporate identity. The components comply with certain guidelines and are used for creating visual communication tools. Think for example of business cards, brochures, flyers, vehicle lettering, corporate clothing, a website and much more. 

So why is a good corporate identity so important?

  • It is very important that your company distinguishes itself from the competition. By standing out and differentiating yourself from others, it’s easier to attract the attention of new potential customers. 
  • By implementing the corporate identity consistently, the identification with the company is enhanced by stakeholders, potential customers and staff. 
  • A corporate identity allows you to build a good and professional corporate image among all target groups. Because a recognizable style creates expectations, it takes less effort to transfer a message to your target group. 
  • A professional corporate identity inspires customer confidence in your brand, services and the products you offer.

In short, a good corporate identity does not only represent the identity of the company, but also strengthens it.

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