Why outsourcing social media is a great idea

More and more companies are discovering the power of social media for their brand. Not only is it indispensable in the communication with (potential) customers, but it is also becoming increasingly important for the findability of your business.

Unfortunately, most companies lack the time and knowledge to use this effectively. In this case outsourcing social media activities is a great solution.

Money down the drain

In my career within our social media field I have often seen it: a lot of money is spent on a social media strategy and additional training. After the strategy presentation and training sessions, the strategy disappears at the bottom of a desk drawer and we continue with the day-to-day work without implementing social media in a good way.

And it’s understandable. The priority is not with social media but with the business and little comes from the carefully devised strategy. And with a bit of bad luck the whole organization then comes to the conclusion that social media does not yield anything. Because we have a strategy and invested in training but it yields nothing. Sound familiar?

Outsourcing Social Media

Outsource social media

In order to make your social media efforts truly successful, and to prevent investments being made in strategy and training that are not subsequently applied, we have started offering social media subscriptions.

For a fixed amount per month we take full responsibility for the management of social media. Based on the strategy drawn up in consultation, our community managers represent your organization on social media. We use advanced social data technology to grow the community and ensure that it really delivers something for our customers.

The alternative: to do it yourself

People opposed to outsourcing say it’s best do social media yourself, because you know your organization the best. Completely correct, but then you have to have the time, knowledge and resources available to do that.

If you do not have that, or do not yet have enough potential to justify an FTE, then please consider outsourcing to ensure that you have a good start and a solid foundation made a professional. We also help you free of charge to take the wheel yourself as soon as you’re ready.

Or we make a combination in which our team provides a good foundation and you take care of follow-up of reactions or recent daily messages. However you want it, we provide a suitable solution! This way your investment in social media really delivers something.

How not to do it: The intern…

Unfortunately, we still see a lot of vacancies for “Social Media Intership”. A low-cost employee for organizations that still do not see the value of social media and expect that a trainee will “just do it”. Often things go wrong because this student communicates on behalf of your organization while the work experience is lacking to be able to do this correctly.

If it does go well after in the beginning, it almost always collapses as soon as the internship period is over. After all, there is no one who can take over. Also a little sad and ungrateful work for your trainee: his or her blood, sweat and tears were for nothing.

What we also see a lot is that social media is just handed over to an employee who only needs to “do something with it”. Often in the lost hours.

Friday afternoon syndrome

I call this the Friday afternoon syndrome. If there’s still some time left at the end of the week, this employee, looks at Facebook and Twitter. Or he sends a quick Facebook update on Tuesday evening at 11.15 PM because they forgot they had to “do something”with social media. Then management says social media doesn’t work… do I have to explain further?

The solution: outsource!

So entrepreneur, do you want to make social media successful for your organization? Outsource it and ensure that you are professionally represented online. This way your business makes a good start and we monitor and report the results. With proven success you can take it (partly) into your own hands and it is clear which ROI it delivers for your organization. A solid investment that immediately creates more visibility and positive reactions!

You don’t do your bookkeeping, printing and marketing all by yourself right?

Our team of professional community managers is active online all day for various organizations and would also like to work for you!



After we receive your contact details we schedule an online meeting and find out what we can do for each other. If we connect and we are on the same level, let’s jump and take the leap.