How to make your content more SEO friendly

Copywriting is often done by yourself, while it still requires special expertise. Writing a promotional web text is often underestimated.

Promotional copy is important for online advertising and a success factor for your website. Bad copy certainly does not contribute to achieving your goals.

The following questions are important here:

  1. What is the purpose of the page?
  2. For whom do I write it?
  3. What do I hope the reader does afterwards?
  4. And if he or she does not, what is plan b?

“We always look for the right way to get the message across”

That is why we have compiled a list with useful tips for writing promotional and valuable copy for your website. We also mention a few pitfalls that copywriters should avoid.

Writing for search engines

In addition to the content and structure of your copy, it is important that they are optimized for the keywords you want to be found with. In addition, the structure must meet the requirements of search engines for good copy.

We edit existing and new copy for you, so that they meet the above requirements. We also provide completely new texts based on a specific subject. Provided that the copy can be written without specific professional knowledge of your products, services and industry.

Do’s & don’ts for web copy

  1. Get to the point

Don’t beat around the bush. What do you have to offer? The sooner the visitor knows this, the greater the chance that the main message lingers. The intro of the copy is a good place for this, but of course it may also be in the title.

  1. Active writing

Unnecessarily long sentences do not work. Write “the man buys the newspaper” instead of “the newspaper is bought by the man”. Avoid passive language use, because potential customers must be tempted to take action within your website.

  1. Increase readability

Copy on the internet quickly becomes unreadable when using the wrong fonts, text size or colors. Sans serif fonts (without cross stripes, for example Verdana and Arial) always work well on websites. Do not vary with the size of the text and avoid capital letters as much as possible. The text must contrast sufficiently with the background, otherwise it becomes unreadable.

  1. Writing is deleting

This is not the case only with journalists and novelists. Delete all unnecessary information. The potential customer will get distracted and it only raises noise and questions.

  1. A personal approach

Give the visitor the feeling that they are being taken seriously. A personal and direct approach helps. The visitor stays on your website longer and is more inclined to take action. A common mistake: commercial copy that talks too much about the company itself instead of the benefits of their products and service.

  1. Call to action

Always have a clear call to action button or link on the page, leading to an order or contact page. So always try to convert interest into action. Do not use ‘click here’ references instead use something like “Yes I want this!”

  1. Invest in preparation

You do not write a good promotional text in a few minutes. Review your copy a number of times and adjust it with the previous points where necessary.

  1. Write in benefits

Do not try to describe your product properties or services, but translate them into the benefits for the customer.

Lefhart does not only create websites that are search engines friendly, but we also provide a website that ranks and attracts visitors. In other words we provide you with a website that produces results.



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